The Mountain Mama Package

Finally, mental health and wellness for moms all in one place.

What this package includes:

Licensed Therapy Sessions

You’ll meet with one of our trained and licensed therapists for your intake assessment to go over relevant information and learn more about how we can be of service on your journey of motherhood. You will have two other sessions with a therapist for support, habit and lifestyle change suggestions, as well as therapy for deeper mom related mental health conditions.

Lab Work Review

Following your intake appointment, our Naturopath Doctor, Lisa, will order lab work for you and other relevant assessments based on your needs. This information will be use in your session with Lisa as she makes a detailed and individualized health and wellness recommendation.

Naturopath Doctor Intake

You’ll meet with our Naturopath Doctor, Lisa Gallagher. You will have your health history assessed, your lab work reviewed, Bach Flower assessment read. You will leave this appointment with specific recommendations that can include supplement suggestions, food and dietary considerations, and lifestyle changes.


You’ll also get a complimentary Bach Flower remedy tailored to your specific needs using an assessment tool. Bach Flower remedies help to gently restore balance to mental health and emotional needs. More information during your naturopath appointment.

Scheduling these services individually would be costly and time consuming. With Mountain Mindset Counseling, your whole treatment team is in one place gathering information, sharing insights and expertise, to best serve you and your unique journey. Individually, this package would be well over $1,000 but is available to you through Mountain Mindset Counseling for $800.00.

Let’s climb this mountain, mama.

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