Exploring the Polyvagal Theory with Amy Stenger-Sullivan from Rooted Compassion

For this episode please welcome my friend Amy. Rooted Compassion is the name of her counseling practice and she specializes in the Polyvagal Theory. Amy explains to me what this theory is and why it is so helpful in treating clients but also in our every day lives, especially as moms! Enjoy! Get in TouchContinue reading “Exploring the Polyvagal Theory with Amy Stenger-Sullivan from Rooted Compassion”

5 Tips for healthier Social Media use

So many of us view our time browsing social media as an “escape”. To an extent, that’s exactly what it is. It is our time to disassociate from our hectic lives and the toddler screaming in our face. But what you are consuming on social media matters. So here are my 5 tips for healthierContinue reading “5 Tips for healthier Social Media use”

Pregnancy and Delivery Check List

Pregnancy and Delivery Checklist  Car seat Diaper bag Pediatrician Pregnancy and Postpartum Therapy? There are all types of sources for expecting parents out there on what you need before the baby comes. Diapers, wipes, pacifiers, swaddles, car seat, crib, what to pack in your hospital bag, etc… We consult OBGYNs, breastfeeding consultants, doulas, and takeContinue reading “Pregnancy and Delivery Check List”

AMFAT Episode 8 Just Released!

Hi Everyone! Episode 8 of All My Friends are Therapists podcast is up ! Check it out! Today we talk to Caitlin Yilmazer again, gender therapist in Cincinnati Ohio. We talk about “self disclosure” in therapy. When used correctly, self disclosure can be helpful and therapeutic. Every therapist uses this tactic differently. Caitlin and IContinue reading “AMFAT Episode 8 Just Released!”

AMFAT Episode 7! (“All My Friends Are Therapists” podcast)

Join my chat with a very good friend of mine, Caitlin Yilmazer. Not only did we meet in graduate school for counseling, but we have worked together and now are sharing in the experience of motherhood together. Caitlin is a gender therapist in Cincinnati, helping individual and couples in their journey of identity exploration andContinue reading “AMFAT Episode 7! (“All My Friends Are Therapists” podcast)”

Life say speed it up, I just go slower

Most people know I’m a huge Beyoncé fan. So thank you Beyoncé for the inspiration and title of this blog post. See Yoncé by Beyoncé for reference. I could have used the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off quote, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could missContinue reading “Life say speed it up, I just go slower”

This is why your house never stays clean.

My son has a Statistical Physics for Babies book. It came as a set with Astrophysics for Babies, Optical Physics for Babies and the ABC’s of Engineering ( “E is for Electricity!”). I was reading him Statistical Physics for Babies the other day and I learned something new. I learned why my house never staysContinue reading “This is why your house never stays clean.”