How to Find a Therapist Part 2

Brian and I finish our discussion on finding the right therapist for you. Now that you have nailed down two or three therapists that you think would be a good find, it’s time for the free consult. What questions should you ask? What information should you know? What should you walk away feeling? Find outContinue reading “How to Find a Therapist Part 2”

How to Find a Therapist

So you’ve decided to give therapy a try… now what? Join Brian and I today as we discuss the road map to finding the right therapist for you. We will go over the differences in therapist style, modality, location, payment options, and so much more. Consider this your “road map” to finding the right therapistContinue reading “How to Find a Therapist”

New Podcast Episode: “Finding Motivation”

Hi Everyone! We are talking about motivation today on the podcast. Brian Valasek from Beyond Your Valley joins me again to talk about the many ways in which clients wish to harness motivation to live better lives. I have read so many books on motivation and habit cycles and positive long lasting change, and IContinue reading “New Podcast Episode: “Finding Motivation””

Audio Scrapbooks: A new way to connect

I want to share with you all a new project I have been working on. I’m calling them my “Audio Scrapbooks”. They are a collection of the thoughts, ideas, sights and sounds of my life as a therapist and mother. They are more intimate and raw than my previous podcast episodes. I hope that theyContinue reading “Audio Scrapbooks: A new way to connect”

New Podcast Episode: “Winging it”

This episode was originally called “Therapy is bullshit”. How about that for a teaser?! But to refrain from repetitive vulgarity, Brian and I decided to use the phrase “winging it”. Brian Valasek from Beyond Your Valley Counseling joins me this week to talk about how therapy can sometimes feel like we are “building the planeContinue reading “New Podcast Episode: “Winging it””

The Magic of the Holidays

You know, they say you don’t quite experience the magic of the holidays like you did when you were a child…until you become a parent and see it through their eyes. This is only somewhat true for me. I love the holiday season. From Halloween to Christmas I feel so excited to experience the MAGIC.Continue reading “The Magic of the Holidays”