10 Ways the KonMari Method Changed My Life


Today we are going to talk about something that I believe in very strongly, the KonMari Method. I discovered this method when a relative of mine was “tidying” her house and passed along Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying” which outlines the KonMari method. I encourage you to check out my Resource Page if you are interested in reading. But for now, after using the method for about 6 months to a year, I want to share what I have learned and how this book has impacted my life.

  1. Easy to organize

At first, the method can be intimidating, “How do I get rid of things that I have collected throughout the years!”. I was surprised at how easy it was once I got going. There is something exhilarating and addicting to admitting that those jeans two sizes to small are just taking up space, that the ugly sweater you got from your Great Aunt isn’t serving anyone by hiding it in a corner of your closet, and just releasing all of it. Admitting that you don’t have the room in your life or your closet to hold on to things that don’t truly serve you is healing.


2. Hard to mess up

Once you get organized, it is really hard to get disorganized. Have you ever cleaned or organized your house to find that just a couple days later it looks messy again? This happens to me so much less now! My house stays clean for much longer now because…

3. Everything has a place

Now that I am organized I know where stuff is or where it should go. When I “clean” now, it really is just about putting things back where they belong. And it is so quick to do!


4. I don’t lose stuff anymore!

This is big for me. I used to search and search and search for my stuff. I could never find that one pair of pants, my wallet, my hair ties, my water bottle, etc. Stuff was everywhere! Because I have less stuff to take care of and I truly care about that stuff, I take better care of it.

5. Sacred Spaces

Part of the KonMari method involves getting rid of things in your space that don’t bring you joy. Through doing this, she says, her clients have discovered their passions. For example, I have an entire room dedicated to art supplies, crafts, sewing, etc. This room is where I am truly happy and free. This whole room brings me so much joy. It has become my healing space.pexels-photo-334979.jpeg

6. Imagine being surrounded by only things you love

As an extension of the sacred space, once you start using the KonMari method in your house, every room becomes a sort of sacred space. In every room, you are surrounded by the things you love. The blankets, the candles, the coffee table, the books, everything! In every room you get to look at something that brings you pure joy. I have this candle in my living room that I LOVE, just looking at that candle puts me in a good mood, and when I light it, oh man!

7. Save money

No longer am I shopping for the thrill. Shopping can be addicting. Those bright lights and shiny displays are there for a reason! So many times I would come home from certain stores (Target *cough*) with bags full of stuff I didn’t need. Making me feel better in the short term, I would end up feeling guilty later. Turns out, when you have a pair of pants that you love you don’t need five other random pairs! I bet you that you end up wearing that one pair you love other those five other pairs anyway!

8. Space for more life!

I spend less time cleaning my house, doing laundry, tidying, etc., which means that’s more time for fun! I feel like I spend less time doing “distracting things” like shopping or overeating. I have been working with about 50 items of clothing total for the past 3 months. Maybe 60 if you include jackets, scarves, hats and other accessories. I have a walk in closet and my belongings only take up a third of it. My dresser drawers are half empty and some of the drawers are totally empty. I do ONE load of laundry a week. ONE LOAD OF LAUNDRY A WEEK! Through this method, I learned what I love to do and what makes me happy and now I have more time to do it all!


9. Inspiration to others

The KonMari method has impacted me in so many ways that people notice, and once I tell them all the ways I have benefitted, it’s not long before they are emptying their closets as well.

10. Give to charity/set example for next generation

When I cleaned out my closet and other areas of my home, I was taking loads to Good Will about once a week for a month or so. Obviously, donating to charity makes you feel good, but what really makes me happy is thinking about teaching this method to younger generations. We live in a consumer culture where marketing and ads tell us that we need to buy things to make us happy, but KonMari teaches the opposite. If you only buy or collect that which brings you true joy, there is no need for extra things. I think younger generations need to learn this lesson and experience how empowering it is to feel complete with what you have or to make due without because you know, deep down, that you are okay with less.



Thanks for reading!



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I am a mental health and addiction therapist in Cincinnati Ohio. Happy exploring and may all beings be well.

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