Strong Woman Spotlight: Part 3

SWS part 3

My third and final installment of the Strong Woman spotlight is on a friend of mine who has started her own life coaching business while being a stay at home mom raising her three children. Alissa inspires me to think positively even about the struggles and obstacles in my life. Her outlook on challenges, that everything serves a greater purpose and that nothing is permanent, is so motivational. If you would like to hear more about life coaching, or getting started working with Alissa, her information is listed below. Here is her post for Part 3 of my Strong Woman Spotlight. Enjoy!


I am so honored to be featured in this series.

My story is complex, interesting, and still developing. But as a life coach, what matters to me most is what happens next.

I am the mother of three beautiful boys. They were born a year apart to the day. Liam on February 6th of 2013, and the twins, Christopher and Dominic, February 6th of 2014.

They currently attend preschool for two and a half hours, Monday through Thursday. While they are gone, that’s when future-building takes place.

I own my own business as a life coach. I specialize in mindset coaching; helping others identify mental obstacles to their own success. In doing so, I write a blog, I create videos and I have coaching clients and I do it all during those two and a half hours, four days a week.

There are times where I work outside of that time frame, but that is where the majority of the work resides.


When they come home, we hike and play, learn and read. I make lunch and dinner, go to the grocery store. Domestic business. My husband travels for extensive periods of time so I’m all in 24/7.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so connected with my children and my work. As they grow older things will evolve and business will grow as the space for it grows. I am fulfilled and intentional. I am living my purpose.

Culture tells us that we can’t have it all. We can’t be a stay-at-home Mom and run a business, we can’t be in great shape, work out, dress nicely and do everything that sits on our to do list.

But we can. It’s not easy, it’s not always fun. But it’s possible. And I’m sick and tired of hearing that your dreams can’t be a reality for reasons X, Y and Z. It’s a lie.

So I am seeking everything. A big full life with children to love and a husband to care for. I am seeking exciting experiences, creating a business and being my best self. I want that for anyone who cares enough to seek it. It’s why I’m a coach. It is an honor to stand with someone on their journey to success, wholeness and fulfillment.

Seek everything. 


Alissa Taglione-Wentworth

Vivant Coaching


Thanks for reading!

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