Push Pause

Welp, it has been too long! My last post was in April! I won’t say I have been busy because everyone is busy. But I will give some information into what has been going on in life that lead to my “disappearance”.

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I think if you were to ask most of my friends, they would tell you that I try to “do it all”, sometimes to a fault. I am usually trying to improve something in my life, looking for ways to work harder, or just wanting things to generally “be better”. I usually pride myself in putting the time/energy/effort into fixing the problem. But man, being a parent has made my rethink my entire approach. Not only was I learning how to be a parent during this time, but I was also running my own business and attempting to expand it, taking care of house and home, meal prepping, working out, and writing a blog post every day. I diagnosed myself with the “martyr mom” syndrome. (I just made that up, don’t start diagnosing your friends and family with it). What made things worse…mom blogs.

The dreaded mom blog. Feel free to substitute “mom” for any blogs that appeal to you; “DIY blog”, “entrepreneurship blog”, “Keto blog”, “yoga blog” blah blah blah. All those Pinteresty click bait that beg of making your house look like an ad for Restoration Hardware, or make six figures at while being a stay-at-home mom, or lose ten pounds in a week. All those articles that boast expert opinions that really just make you feel sick, sad, and lacking.

Then I realized…. Do I do that?

I wanted to write a blog to make mental health/illness more mainstream, to make people feel welcome, to feel validated in however they felt, and I hope I do that. But I can also see how some of my “expert opinion” can come off preachy. So I think it’s time for a reboot…


Hold up trying to do it all

Hold up comparing to others

Hold up being an expert

Hold up going crazy to maintain a certain image

Hold up impossible expectations

Push Play:

Real talk mental health and mental illness

Real talk struggle and validation of experiences

Real talk fear of rejection, making a mistake, and failure

Real talk research and evidence based practices

Real talk devotion to the things that matter most; like an 8 month old little boy who needs all the love and attention I can give him.

Here we go!

Got a suggestion for a topic? Comment about it below.

Thanks for reading!

Published by annkendig

I am a mental health and addiction therapist in Cincinnati Ohio. Happy exploring and may all beings be well.

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