Dreams about cockroaches, cockatoos and chameleons

The Interpretation of Dreams is a famous book written by Signund Freud in 1899. I found it in a used book store three years ago and it sits in my office but I’ve never read it. Clients often ask me to interpret their dreams for them, but usually I end up asking them for their own interpretation. Because unless they are dreaming about putting rockets into boxes then Freud’s book isn’t likely to help.

Freud believed in a systematic way of interpreting symbols in dreams and applying meaning to them. He coded these symbols and followed them like a trail leading to the unconscious mind. If your like my husband, who dreams of playing full games of baseball with squirrels, dreams are nothing more than fantasy; a nonsensical collection of images and plot lines. But most of us are seeking more meaning than that.

Which is why I have my dreams interpreted by Dr Google (I googled them). The answers you find on Google are much like going to a fortune teller. They cast a wide net hoping that something sticks. And most times, information is polarized so as to make it more compelling.

During maternity leave I’ve had dreams about cockroaches, cockatoos and chameleons. Dr Google has many many interpretations of what these odd animals mean. Some things I found relevant but other stuff was way off. Dreaming of cockroaches could mean you are disgusted by your surroundings. Cockatoos trapped inside and circling overhead surely means you’re feeling trapped by your surroundings and needing escape. Chameleons meaning you are fake and exhausted from wearing too many masks.

See how it all escalates so quickly?

Dreams only have meaning when YOU apply it. And like life in general, it’s a skill to find the middle ground. Could all of those things above be true? Sure. But it doesn’t have to be extreme. Maybe my house could use some cleaning and the pandemic lock down has me feeling a touch of cabin fever. Juggling being a mom a business owner is tough.

Find your middle ground. Apply meaning to your surroundings, interactions, behaviors, emotions, dreams, day dreams, nightmares, tea leaves, tarot cards, etc. in a way that feels good to you. Leave the catastrophizing to Google and Dr Freud.

Published by annkendig

I am a mental health and addiction therapist in Cincinnati Ohio. Happy exploring and may all beings be well.

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