Anxiety with Erin, Part 1

Today we sit down with Erin to talk about anxiety. I realize this is a HUGE topic, not just in importance but also in research, information, and literature. We are just scratching the surface. Erin helps us define anxiety and talks about her personal struggles with it throughout her adult life. A big THANK YOU to Erin for sharing her story with us!

I tried to leave a nail biting cliff hanger at the end… it didn’t really come across. Don’t worry, the audio didn’t just cut out. We will continue with the second part of this episode next week were we we learn Erin’s anxiety preventing technique that she uses every day.

Anxiety with Erin

Published by annkendig

I am a mental health and addiction therapist in Cincinnati Ohio. Happy exploring and may all beings be well.

2 thoughts on “Anxiety with Erin, Part 1

  1. Hi Annie, Again enjoyed listening. Very real. Have to share that episode audio stopped with 1:46 to go and ran silent until :14 when your voice came back and shared that next week Erin would share techniques. Was the silence intentional? Can’t wait for Erin to finish sharing.

    Like how you let your guest finish thought before you interject.

    See you in a little while!




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