End of the Year Reflection

It’s that time of year…

Things are winding down, coming to a close, getting colder, becoming darker. It is a time to turn inwards to reflect and settle. Take an hour or so to think about how you have treated yourself this past year, then make some big plans for the next year. Happy November 🙂

What were three obstacles you faced throughout this past year?

Who am I especially grateful for this year?

How did you practice self care this year?

Name one moment where you helped someone?

Name one moment where you allowed someone else to help you

What inspired or motivated you this year?

Name one moment when you felt proud this year

Describe a moment where you felt most like yourself

How are you closer to becoming your “ideal self” after this year?

What is one thing you can forgive yourself for this year?

What was your word of the year? What is your word for next year?

Describe one moment/event/situation in which you felt the most like you belonged?

What was one theme you struggled with this year?

What is one theme you would like to continue working on for next year?

Name one obstacle which you are proud of the way you handled?

What adjectives would you like to describe next year?

What is one way you want to challenge yourself for next year?

If you knew you could not fail, what goal would you set for yourself next year?

Now, take that goal and make it bigger….

And again, take that goal and make it bigger…

Happy End of the Year Reflection 🙂

Published by annkendig

I am a mental health and addiction therapist in Cincinnati Ohio. Happy exploring and may all beings be well.

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