Screen Time Detox

The iPhone has a nifty little function that tracks your screen time. I have mine turned on and it sucks. I hate that update at the end of each week telling me how many hours I spent on social media apps. Although social media marketing is a big part of my business, I have aContinue reading “Screen Time Detox”

“Summertime Sadness”

Recently, it has been rainy and thunder storming in Cincinnati, and it has been lovely. Despite the humidity that often comes after a summer thunderstorm, the break from the heat, and the expectations, is welcomed. Today on, there was an article about “beating” summertime Seasonal Affective Disorder. We usually only hear about SAD inContinue reading ““Summertime Sadness””

Are The Dumb Things We Do Making Us Dumber?

For the first time since graduate school, I had to read a research article. One with a hypothesis, methods, data collection, standard deviation, histograms and everything. And if I want to be opposite of the prose in this research article, I’ll say, it was rough. It probably didn’t help that I started reading this lengthyContinue reading “Are The Dumb Things We Do Making Us Dumber?”

Holiday Appetites: Part 3

What are the two biggest triggers around the holidays? FAMILY and FOOD! I was doing some Christmas shopping the other day, and on my list of items to purchase was bird seed (Mom, if you’re reading this – surprise!). The woman helping me with my purchase made the comment, “unlike myself, birds don’t eat whenContinue reading “Holiday Appetites: Part 3”