Scary Things

I used to hate scary things. Not scary movies or books (like Helter Skelter, that one messed with me for a while), but things that took me outside of my comfort zone. Scary things like quitting my job, starting my own private practice, writing blogs, buying a house, having a baby. Have you ever heardContinue reading “Scary Things”

Growth Plan Week 4

Last Friday was the end of the “Teach Me Something” resolution. And so far I’ve learned fluid dynamics, flow through a tube that changes area, how to calculate density, acceleration, mass, and time. And my husband learned the Sun Salutations A and B and basics of trauma therapy. At the end of the week, weContinue reading “Growth Plan Week 4”

Math for Mates

Day 2 of Teach Me Something was yesterday. If you want to get caught up on my Growth Plan so far, check it out here, Yesterday it was my husband’s turn to teach me something. We sat down and next thing I knew, the entire page was filled with greek letters and formulas. OneContinue reading “Math for Mates”

Journal and Beyond

Well, the first week of my Growth Project is coming to a close. This month’s theme is challenges of “The Mind”, which is why I chose to do a 1 sentence journal. I wanted the challenge of sticking to a daily habit. The journal provided me with that accomplishment (so far) but it also taughtContinue reading “Journal and Beyond”

Wishing Away Happiness

The summer is filling up fast. Trips and birthday parties, cook-outs and get togethers, there are lots of things to look forward to. I am a planner. I like to be organized and prepared. So when I look at my calendar filed with lots of fun activities, I also see packing lists, grocery lists, andContinue reading “Wishing Away Happiness”

“Re”living My Best Life

A couple summers ago, I caught my friend, Shannon, snapping a picture of her plate of sushi one night on one of our regular sushi “dates”. It’s not weird, lots of people take pictures of their food, but she wasn’t about to post it to Instagram with a fancy filter, she just put her phoneContinue reading ““Re”living My Best Life”

The New Plan

Up until this point, my posts have been inspired by my daily experiences, my interactions with family, friends, clients, as well as my inner thoughts. I have enjoyed writing them but feel I need to add more direction. I recently finished The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. For one whole year, she pursues increasing herContinue reading “The New Plan”

Screen Time Detox

The iPhone has a nifty little function that tracks your screen time. I have mine turned on and it sucks. I hate that update at the end of each week telling me how many hours I spent on social media apps. Although social media marketing is a big part of my business, I have aContinue reading “Screen Time Detox”