Scary Things

I used to hate scary things. Not scary movies or books (like Helter Skelter, that one messed with me for a while), but things that took me outside of my comfort zone. Scary things like quitting my job, starting my own private practice, writing blogs, buying a house, having a baby. Have you ever heard that quote, “everything you want lies just outside your comfort zone?” Or “what would you do if you were not afraid?”

Obviously this topic is popular, tons of books and movies are made about it ( Eat, Pray, Love and Lean In, just to name a few). But I started to think about why certain things are scary to me. For example, I have wanted to start a podcast for a long time. Friends of mine have all encouraged me and volunteered their time to help but when it comes down to it, I procrastinate, cancel meetings or just avoid the subject entirely. Why does starting a podcast scare me so much? And maybe the fact that it does scare me means I need to do it.

So, I got out my fancy microphone, watched a bunch of tutorials on YouTube and even bought a Udemy course on How to Start a Podcast. I could have stayed stuck on this “research phase”, choosing not to record anything until I was positive I knew what I was doing and wasn’t going to make a mistake but, if I were to follow my suggestions that I give my clients, “just do it first and then decide how you feel about it later”. If you stop to acknowledge feelings before you do something that’s scary, you’ll never do it. The fear, anxiety, and self doubt will stop you from getting it done. So that’s what I did and I will tell you I had a blast doing it!

Those feelings of self doubt and fear are still there, but the expectation has changed. I want to record more and more episodes just because it was fun doing it and it’s a challenge to learn something new. The anxiety and fear cane from places of worry that I wasn’t good enough or fear that the podcast wouldn’t be featured in the New and Noteworthy section on iTunes.

So I am happy to say that the Mountain Mindset Podcast is underway with the help of some amazing women who allowed me to interview them. The first episode will be coming to you within the next few weeks!

This week, do something that scares you 😉

Published by annkendig

I am a mental health and addiction therapist in Cincinnati Ohio. Happy exploring and may all beings be well.

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