Introducing “All My Friends Are Therapists”

Introducing Mountain Mindset Counseling’s brand new podcast called, “All My Friends are Therapists”!

This is such an exciting day for me as this has been a long awaited dream. The podcast is a health and wellness podcast where I discuss therapy topics with my toughest “clients”, my friends. So many mental health and wellness podcasts are interview style with some sort of an “expert”. I wanted to portray these topics in a more practical and accessible way; interviewing how real people experience these topics in their every day lives.

Each topic has been hand chosen for each specific guest given what I know about them, what we talk about, and what they have shared they struggle with. I am so grateful that my guests have allowed me to literally “air” their dirty laundry.

Our first episode covers “Imposter Syndrome” with my very good friend, Shannon. Warning ahead for serious critical podcast listeners, I’m sure the sound quality could be improved, the editing cleaner, and the audio mixing better, etc., etc., but DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT RIGHT?!


All My Friends are Therapists, Episode 1: Imposter Syndrome

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I am a mental health and addiction therapist in Cincinnati Ohio. Happy exploring and may all beings be well.

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